CrossFit Performance is a blog focused on the Elite Fitness, utilizing CrossFit as the primary training method. Our content focuses on optimizing readers physical competence in each of the 10 recognized fitness domains:

  1. Endurance
  2. Stamina
  3. Strength
  4. Power
  5. Speed
  6. Agility
  7. Flexibility
  8. Balance
  9. Coordination
  10. Accuracy

We write about basic to advanced level training in functional exercises, conditioning, plyometrics, kettlebells, Olympic lifting, medicine balls and dumbbell training, power-lifting, gymnastics, rowing, running and jumping rope.

No matter your experience, conditioning, and life; whether a student, business executive, stay-at-home mom, athlete, or martial artists. What you’ll learn is varied, and the potential for results is limited only by your willingness to put in the work.  If you desire an atmosphere of teamwork and support, CrossFit Performance is for you.

  • CrossFit – Essential guides to all things CrossFit
  • Fitness Gear – Fitness gear roundups and Review
  • Nutrition – The key to reaching your goals, and maintaining progress without getting burnt out.
  • WOD – Workouts of the Day