CrossFit Blogs and Podcasts

Need the low-down on CrossFit real quick? We’ve got you covered. Here are the best CrossFit resources to jump start your journey:

  1. Nerd Fitness- Beginner’s Guide to CrossFit – It’s one of the best ways you can enter the world of CrossFit. The Nerd Fitness explains everything you need to know about the sport- its philosophy, diet and physiological training in a language anyone can understand.
  2. My Athletic Life- 13 Tips in Choosing the Best CrossFit Gym – 13 expert tips from a CrossFit guru in choosing the right gym. As you know, the best gym unlocks your training potential to the fullest because of its natural social dynamics.
  3. The CrossFit Journal – Get your feet wet with 14 years of CrossFit experience straight from the originators of the training philosophy associated with the sport. Immerse yourself with the wealth of knowledge and insights right after you’ve read the beginner’s guide.
  4. CrossFit Invictus – If you’re looking for a more hands-on CrossFit blog, then Invictus is your answer.
  5. The CrossFit Manatee – A CrossFit gym that’s located on Manatee Avenue in Florida is nothing to laugh about. The guys here post motivational content and informative insights to keep you pushing and going forward!
  6. Onnit Academy – Onnit Academy is one huge resource of information for everything CrossFit-related. Here, you’ll learn the importance of eating and training right, and how to optimize your body for a better workout. Feel free to visit the other non-CrossFit related databases and broaden your mind some more.
  7. Starting Strength – Mark Rippletoe is the owner of the Starting Strength blog. Read up on hundreds of articles related to muscles and muscle building that’s written by one of the premier weightlifting experts and other strength coaches.
  8. Breaking Muscle – Interact with an extensive network composed of conditioning experts, training professionals and coaches to learn more about how you can be in your best CrossFit condition.
  9. Words With Lisbeth – A CrossFit enthusiast and an English professor? Count us in! The words that you’ll read in this blog will captivate you and make you want to know more about the intense world of CrossFit.
  10. Carrots n Cake Workouts – Tina is a CrossFit devotee, a recent mom and a writer over at She shares 2 to 3 posts per month on new CrossFit workouts that moms can easily do, with the benefit of shedding extra pounds. It’s one of the best CrossFit resources to start with, especially if you’re a beginner and a new mom!
  11. 22 Kettlebell Exercises – Ah, the mighty kettlebell. Think that this equipment can only be used in a few exercises? Think again. This article lists the 22 best CrossFit exercises that use the kettlebell and illustrates the moves in a simple, straightforward manner. You’ll be sure to bookmark the content and come back to it from time to time.
  12. A Gym Life- 50 Ways To Improve at CrossFit – It’s one of the best resources that you should bookmark and visit from time to time. The content is evergreen, which means you can get back to it when you hit a plateau and still find the information as relevant as ever!
  13. The Wodcast Podcast – A podcast you simply can’t miss! Listen to podcasters Scott McGee, Eddie Iffft and Armen Hammer as they conduct lively interviews with CrossFit’s best professionals, trainers and coaches. The chemistry of the 3 is quite fun to listen to, even if they aren’t talking about CrossFit in general. Info and entertainment in one.
  14. Barbell Shrugged – Can’t get enough of CrossFit? Listen to more information on how you can get the most out of your CrossFit workout with expert techniques, advice and commentaries from the host. It’s a great way to learn about CrossFit while you’re on the commute or running errands.
  15. Mentality WOD – WODs, or workouts of the day is one of the few things you’ll learn when you enter CrossFit. The Mentality WOD focuses on the mind aspect instead of the physical aspect of CrossFit. Visit this site and you’ll be sure to toughen up your brain and power-up your body in the process.
  16. The Outlaw Way – It’s a special training method that thousands of professional athletes use. If you’re feeling particularly tough, make sure to give this blog a try.
  17. CrossFit Mom – This site is specifically for all moms who want to get into CrossFit- yes, even pregnant ones! In here, you’ll find really helpful resources and WODs for each trimester period in pregnancy.
  18. CrossFit Kids – Who says that kids and teens can’t take part in CrossFit? Visit CrossFit Kids and you’ll find a ton of resource and WODs designed for the little ones. The blog advocates exercise as an activity that can be fun and healthy at the same time while promoting sharper minds. The site contains workouts from handstands to fully-regimented exercise routines for high schoolers and adolescents alike. While your kid won’t get that ripped form, they will learn to develop healthy habits that they can carry with them all throughout their lives.

CrossFit Tools

  1. Travel WOD Generator – Don’t let those busy summer vacation and holiday travel months derail your fitness routines. Use this free workout generator with timer by Fit at Midlife to keep you on track away from home.