What Does EMOM Mean in CrossFit?

What Does ENOM Mean in CrossFit?

CrossFit is replete with a number of acronyms. Knowing what these are is essential to getting the most out of your workouts.

The meaning of EMOM is at its simplest: Performing an exercise “Every Minute on the Minute“.

Utilizing EMOM is a highly effective way for you to structure the work and rest periods of your CrossFit workouts in an exciting new way.

How EMOM Works

The concept of EMOM is simple and straightforward. It means at a particular time, you complete a specific exercise for a pre-ordained number of reps. After doing so, you then take the remainder of that minute as your rest period.

Benefits of an EMOM Workout

EMOM is a popular way to structure a CrossFit workout — and for good reason. Doing so provides you with serious benefits that can help you reach your fitness goals in a progressive manner that you can easily track.

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  • Short but Intense – EMOM CrossFit WODs are short with most usually lasting only 10 to 20 minutes. While an EMOM can be either longer or shorter, it should allow you to rest some before the minute winds down.
  • Good for Strength Training – The EMOM structure means that you have to maintain a sharp mental focus. This makes it especially good when you want to work on boosting your strength. It’s also a good way to test your strength because you can do a particular squat or lift at 50 percent for one repetition maximum (RM). Then increase it by five percent EMOM as long as you can maintain proper form.
  • Develops Skills – Like working on strength training, you can also use an EMOM to further develop and refine your workout skills — especially those that are more challenging like handstand walks, muscle-ups, and double unders.
  • Good for Metcon – EMOM is also a good choice for that metabolic conditioning (Metcon in CrossFit speak) that helps burn calories even after you’ve completed your workout. This is because it combines periods of intense exercise like rowing or biking with rest periods.
  • Versatile – An EMOM can be used solely to work on your strength or a specific skill. You can also use this strategy to alternate between both if you desire. Using EMOM is also an ideal way to work on conditioning by working on one exercise during even minutes and a different one on the odd ones.


Example EMOM Workouts

When learning new terminology, some real-life examples make it easier to understand the concept in question. Below are a few sample EMOM workouts to help you get the feel for what’s involved.

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  • Beginner’s EMOM Workout – For eight minutes, follow this bodyweight sequence: 10 squats, 10 pushups, 10 burpees, and 10 sit-ups.
  • Strengthening EMOM Workout – For 20 minutes, do the following pattern EMOM: five pullups, five pushups, five box jumps, and five crunches.
  • The Killer EMOM Workout – If you’re ready to push yourself, try this 16-minute long EMOM sequence: minute one = stationary bike at max effort, minute two = using a 55-pound kettlebell, complete 12 swings, minute three = complete your maximum number of pushups and minute four = using the same 55-pound kettlebell, do six single-arm snatches.


How Often Should You Do EMOM Workouts?

An EMOM workout can be done every time you exercise. Because it’s a simple and straightforward structure that allows you to maximize each training session, it’s particularly helpful for busy people who are training to get lean and fit.

The versatility of an EMOM workout means you can easily focus on one particular area of your body at any given time or alternate exercises so you get a full-body workout. The structure also means you can switch things up to make your workout more challenging while also stemming boredom.

What Does E2MOM Mean?

E2MOM means “every two minutes on the minute.” If this is your CrossFit workout of the day, then you would perform the specific exercise or pattern for two minutes. Any time that remains after you have finished can be used to rest.

EMOM vs AMRAP: What’s the Difference?

There are some similarities between EMOM and AMRAP — which stands for “as many reps or rounds as possible.” Both can help you reach your condition and strength goals. There are some crucial differences that you need to know.

With EMOM, a particular move or pattern is performed a specific number of times in the space of a minute. After you’ve completed the set, you can rest for any of the time that remains in the minute.

An AMRAP workout, though, focuses on completing as many of a specific move within an allotted amount of time. You do so for as long as you are able to maintain proper form while also resting when you need to do so.

Whether you do EMOM exclusively or you add them into your regular CrossFit routine, these workout mainstays are key at helping you attain your fitness goals.

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