What Does Rx Mean in CrossFit?

What Does RX Mean in CrossFit?

In CrossFit, Rx means “As Prescribed” in the context that the workout of the day (WOD) is performed by meeting three key criteria. Because Rx means “as prescribed,” when a WOD is Rx’d, it means that you are completing the workout by meeting these criteria:

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  • At the height and weight that has been prescribed.
  • You performed the number of reps prescribed.
  • You’re completing the movements to their full standards.


Putting Rx Into Action

Each WOD is displayed on the whiteboard at the box. It contains all the crucial Rx information you need to know before getting started with your workout. Any deviation from the WOD means that you can no longer score it as Rx.

Instead, it will need to be scored as fitness/scaled. Be sure to note exactly what you accomplished during the WOD in the notes section.

For example, suppose the WOD includes 30 hang cleans at 90 pounds for men and 60 pounds for women. If the coach advises you to scale back to 80 pounds after the first fifteen hang cleans, then it won’t qualify as an Rx MOD because it was modified.

Maybe you’re also supposed to do 10 box jumps of 30 inches as part of the MOD. If the coach sees that your form is deteriorating as you move through the jumps, they might suggest that you jump a shorter box. This strategy ensures that the focus is on retaining the correct form, which helps in reducing injury.

Why Rx Matters — But it’s Not the Only Thing

Breaking down each component that scores a WOD as Rx is helpful as a benchmark for performance. While knowing and understanding what makes a particular WOD Rx is one thing before starting a workout, being able to remember all its components and track them accurately during the exercises can be another thing entirely.

It’s important to remember that only a small number of people who do CrossFit consistently Rx their WODs. Being unable to attain Rx is something that many people do. Instead of looking at it as being a failure, the secret is to use the WOD Rx as a motivator for improving your form, reps, and standards.

In the end, the focus is to finish the WOD after putting in your best efforts. That feeling of pride, accomplishment, and elation is unbeatable. The Rx of a WOD is there to motivate you and encourage you to do your personal best every time.

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