What Does WOD Mean in CrossFit?

What Does WOD Mean in CrossFit

CrossFit lingo – you either love it or hate it. And of all the various acronyms and such that are used, “WOD” tends to be one of the more popular ones.

WOD means “Workout of the Day,” and true to its name, it simply identifies the workout or routine that you’ll be performing on a particular day at the CrossFit gym.

In some cases, CrossFit gyms will post their own WODs. In other cases, WODs are something that the individual will select and then perform based on their experience level.

WODs for Everyone

Everyone who does CrossFit is at a different level, so the WODs that they’ll perform typically vary. For someone who is new to CrossFit, the WOD might consist of doing as many burpees as possible over a span of 8 minutes.

Another popular WOD is one that utilizes bodyweight to do several rounds of squats, sit-ups, push-ups, burpees, and ring rows. More intense WODs might include alternating kettlebell cleans, dumbbell shoulder to overhead, and power clean and split jerks.

Keeping Score

Some may choose to keep a score for each WOD that is performed, which helps to compare performances of WODs you’ve completed in the past and give you a goal to try to beat.

CrossFit is “the sport of exercise,” so keeping tabs on your various WODs and how well (or how fast) you performed them can become a significant motivating factor and help drive improvement.

Some WODs are benchmark workouts, which are baseline workouts to track and measure the progress that you’re making. For other WODs, you’ll attempt to do as many repetitions as possible. Other WODs are more fixed time and go every minute on the minute.

Popular WODs

Curious as to what some of the more popular WODs are for CrossFit athletes? Here’s a look at the WODs that gyms will post or that athletes will perform themselves:

  • Box jumps, wall balls, and deadlifts
  • Chest to bar pull-ups and overhead squats
  • Box steps, sit-ups, single-arm strict press
  • Medicine ball toe taps, wall balls, and toes to bar
  • Several rounds of burpees, push-ups, sit-ups, jumping jacks, and handstands
  • Handstand holds, deadlift high pulls, and dumbbell close grip press
  • Front squats, back squats, and deadlifts
  • Calf raises, side bridges, and glute bridges

Again, depending on how experienced you are in CrossFit and how much you want to push your body will often dictate your WOD. There are WODs for beginners, experienced athletes, competition CrossFit athletes, and specialty WODs too.

WODs and More

While the Workout of the Day is performed on active days by CrossFit athletes, it’s not the only thing that they’ll do when they hit the gym. In addition to WODs, CrossFit athletes will also likely perform some sort of strength and/or skill exercises.

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